Thursday, 4 March 2010

Parenting Tip - Play and Pack Up

I have a confession when writing this tip - this is something my wife Angela and I do at home which we believe helps our Isabella learn to become independent, but we also do it for our own sanity! Given that, we got this trick from our nanny and I think it is a real cracker.

Whenever our child is playing with lots of toys we get her to pack up one toy before bringing out the next. Over time this encourages her to tidy as she goes. She is now, at three, starting to do this by herself. It has taken quite a lot of work from Angela and myself as well as consistency between us.

As a classroom teacher, it can be hard work when children do not know how to tidy or pack up after themselves, of course, Isabella having two teachers for parents is possibly a tricky one in some ways!!


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