Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Curriculum Research Interim Results

I'm pleased to provide you with our interim results from our curriculum survey from our recent Meet The Teacher evening. These results show us what parents felt were the most important values and skills we want for our tamariki in the future. They give us insight into what we, as a community, believe to be most important to develop in our children.

This data is generated from responses by approximately 54 adults and a couple of children. This means that while it represents a large proportion of our community, it is not everyone. An important next step for us is to see what the students themselves think and for you to comment on this blog post - do you agree or not and (most importantly) why?

Below is the table showing the sorted results, we will represent this graphically so it is 'prettier' to view:

If you have not contributed to this data and want to, please download/print and hand in this form or email your votes for the four values and four skills to (1 = most important). This may change the results!


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