Saturday, 6 March 2010

Celebration Assembly Expectations

Our aim is to involve more children in the decisions behind various aspects of how the school is run - assemblies and hui being one aspect of this.

Based on feedback from last year the entire school have come up with some ideas for how we'd like to develop our school Celebration Assemblies.

Below are the initial ideas for how we will develop this very special time to show off the great learning we are up to: 

Burnham School Celebration Assembly

What makes an 
awesome Celebration Assembly?

  • Difference
  • Funny
  • Listening to the speaker
  • Decorate the hall for your classes Celebration Assembly
  • National Anthem, Karakia, Singing, Certificates

How should we start?

  • Enter with something happening - singing a song
  • Quietly
  • Classes wait outside hall before coming in
  • Teachers to decide
How should we finish?
  • Wait for your teacher 
  • Karakia
What should we expect during it?

Do we need to sit the same way?
  • Work towards choosing where we want to sit 
  • As long as we're quiet
  • Host of Assembly decide on where each class sits/Explore different ways to sit


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