Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Dancing Like The Stars

Last night Room 7 performed at the James Hay Theatre as part of the 2010 performance of the Dancing Like The Stars programme. This programme is put together by the Dance and Physical Theatre Trust and we had support from the Selwyn Community Board for part of the fundraising required to bring this event to Burnham School.

We had a large turnout of parents and families to support us on the night and here are some photos for you to enjoy:

This event is a first for any school in the Selwyn District and we are extremely proud of our tamariki for their dance. The students, supported by Gemma Odering and Pam Golding, have also undertaken fundraising to meet the costs of the programme. We are extremely grateful for this help and to the Selwyn Community Board and hope to be able to make this event an annual part of our learning.


Theresa Brown said...

Dancing like the stars was a awesome evening, Room 7 did Burnham school proud, what a fantastic job everyone did - well done to all of you, really enjoyed the evening, great work teachers too.

Theresa Brown

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