Thursday, 24 June 2010

Creativity and Activity

One of the wonderful things I've been reflecting on recently is how the arts (e.g. dance, drama, music, visual art) stimulates learners in different ways. The engagement and delight created by the Dancing Like The Stars programme is an excellent example of how learning through the arts can engage students in different ways. It is also a reminder to us as educators to use the arts as a means to activate what we may view as the more 'traditional' learning areas at school.

Our soccer and hockey zones sports is postponed until next week and so we hope the weather allows us to get the children involved in this great event next Tuesday. Every child in our senior school will participate so as to provide the opportunity for every child to learn through being an active part of the team. On that note I'd like to acknowledge the hard work of our wonderful PTA team who put on a superb disco last Friday - thank you for your support it is appreciated. There are many ways in which we as a school activate learning through the arts and through being physical, and I invite you to come and have look yourself.


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