Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Burnham School Whanau Hui Feedback

Burnham School Whanau Hui Feedback
Thursday 27th May 2010, Burnham Camp Whare, 5pm-8pm

Question One: What do we do well?
  • This Hui- initiative
  • Welcoming inclusive atmosphere
  • There is Open Communication
  • Parent inclusion
  • Proactive Approach
  • Principal uses Te Reo
  • Children doing their Mihis
  • Noho Marae Yr 5 Camp
  • Kapa Haka Yr 5- kids felt happy pleased and informed.  There is a sense of belonging, pride and children enjoy singing in Te Reo.
  • There is support from the Army and from Burnham Kindergarten
  • Foundation in Reo, some Tikanga, Children are educated in the Culture, understanding Powhiri.
  • Study Leave for Teachers
  • The School promotes community spirit.
  • Long term commitment from supporters, and an ongoing commitment to doing things well.
  • There is support for children’s emotional and educational needs.
  • Learning is fun for the children.
  • Life- long friendships among the children and adults.

Question Two: Do you believe we are meeting the needs of our Maori students? Why?/Why not?
1.    Parents:
Difference in parents awareness of their children’s needs.
              What are the needs of your child/ren in terms of things in Maori?
              -grounding in whakapapa, self awareness, belonging.

2.    Teachers:
Teachers approaching parents to identify needs.

Children’s input:
  • Yes
  • We learn Maori in fun ways
  • We have had heaps of Maori culture experiences
  • Learning Maori actions
  • Stories of Maori Legends
  • Because the teachers teach in Maori, there are numbers in Maori placed in classrooms.

Question Three & Four: What do we need to do to improve how we cater for Maori students? Ideas for the future of our school...

  • Maori education in school as part of the curriculum (main stream).  As provided by NEG’s.
  • Is it meeting family needs?
  • Kapa Haka is only for seniors, is it possible to create something similar for Juniors?
  • Kapa Haka groups to perform and compete.
  • Taiaha/Poi
  • Strong Links to Marae/Kuia
  • Have a Kaumatu Day, every term
  • To include Kuia from camp to be involved.  Tap their knowledge in Te Ao Maori and their experiences.
  • Treaty/Languages courses and workshops
  • Celebrating Maori Language Week and Matariki
  • More Mihi’s
  • Stronger bond between Kindergarten and School.  In transition process What can parents do?
  • More Crafts
  • Maori Language classes, 10 mins a day.
  • Two Hui’s a year
  • Reporting Process can be strengthened
  • Educating the children about The Treaty.
  • Parents getting involved, giving children homework to take home to mum and dad.
  • Continuity, kids with tutors, school with tutors, Burnham Camp with the School and parents with children and School.
  • Teachers from Linton/Waiouru/Burnham to Hui together to assist continuity and transitions.
  • Buy in from the “top” down (Ministry of Education)
  • Parents, staff, BOT and Community (immersed learning)
  • From the “bottom” up have a sense of belonging in preparing for next step-up.
  • Seamless transition for children through relationships from pre-school to Hight School.
  • The Big Brother Concept-Tuakana teina in and out of School.
  • Is there information in the School Library in regards to the History of Burnham School? If not can there be resources available?
  • Are there Maori Art shown around the room, hallways.
  • Keep developing teachers and staff for future.
  • Use of collective schools( other schools, etc)
  • Understand School Logo’s, symbols, carvings, etc
  • Whare development


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