Wednesday, 7 March 2012

You have some FABULOUS students!

Here is the transcript of an email we received today:

Kia ora, On Friday I was the marshal at the point where the bike leg transitioned to the run leg.  A girl in an individual race was coming last by a significant amount.  Some of your students were sitting nearby so I asked the group if there was someone who would run with her to keep her going, keep her spirits up.  I didn’t expect 3 very willing volunteers. 

Hannah and Finlay ran and caught up with her, and saw her to the finish.  They significantly changed the way that girl felt about herself and the triathlon.  Please pass on to their my very genuine and heartfelt thanks.  A younger boy (Harley) also readily offered to help.  Please also pass on to him my thanks. 

Later that afternoon, the runners for the team event marshalled at my station.  I enjoyed the company of the boy (Maka) in your Senior team.  He was charming, polite and lots of fun.  He must be an excellent role model for your other students. 

What a fabulous school Burnham must be to produce such excellent citizens.  Whatever you’re doing, you are certainly getting it right.  Nga mihi, Clare Edwards, teacher years 6/7/8, Broadfield School.


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