Thursday, 1 March 2012

Incredible Years Parenting Course

The Ministry of Education: Special Education and Family Works is offering the Incredible Years Parenting Programme to parents to be held at Rolleston School, Tennyson Street, Rolleston, beginning Tuesday 13 March 2012. This is an extremely well-researched programme which supports parents to develop and build on the skills which they already have as well as developing a toolkit of ways to handle  any challenging / problem behaviours and issues .
Every parent brings their own unique contribution and it is this mix and variety which makes the programme so worthwhile. Parenting is a hard job and we are not born experts – the group process is a great way of gaining some fresh ideas and support from other parents.
Parents meet in a group situation once a week9.30 am through to 12.00 pm - over a period of 16 weeks. Programme sessions are not held during school holidays. You are welcome to ring or email us at any time if you need some further information or wish to clarify any aspects of the programme. We can be contacted at the numbers below.
There is no cost to parents and we provide weekly handouts to build up a parenting tool kit and a book (worth over $45) for parents who regularly attend.
If you are interested in participating in this programme please contact either Rolleston School or one of us directly – we would love to hear from you as without 16 parents we cannot begin this great programme. Texting as a means of contact is welcome
A morning tea is also provided.
Anna Mowat                                                    Erin Sturman -
Family Works                                                 Ministry of Education – Special Education
Cell: 021 712 173                                            Cell: 027 205 7950


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