Wednesday, 24 August 2011

How we decide to close school

Lilli and the Snow Princess

The snow days last week provided a combination of exciting experiences and I'm sure some stress for some due to children being at home with the possibility of work still in operation. The closure of our school once again tested our procedures and communication lines.

Closing a school is a complex and stressful time for all involved. The principal and board chair jointly make the decision to close the school - neither one can make the decision without the other. The most important consideration is the health and safety of children, staff, parents and other adults entering the school site. Indeed, getting to and from school is also a factor. As I live in town, I rely on the feedback from others living in Burnham, the news, the Met Service website, the Selwyn District Council website and the principals’ network.

However, this time it really was a given, under the adverse conditions, to remain closed until the weather was somewhat settled. We were glad to be able to open on the Wednesday after two days closure due to the snow conditions. As more than half our staff live in the city and have to drive to Burnham, the always present possibility of aftershocks (outside evacuation), sick staff and students, freezing temperatures and unsafe playgrounds, we will continue to make the best decision using current information for the safety of all.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.



Photo: "Lilli and the Snow Princess"


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