Monday, 15 August 2011

The Great Burnham School Snow Photo Comp

The Great Burnham School Snow Photo Comp Is Here!

Tired of being couped up inside? Bored perhaps? Want something fun to do? Check this out!

Your challenge is to take a creative photo of something to do with snow and email it to school.
Once we are back at school, all classes will be able to vote on the best photos - it might be a huge snowball, a big snowman, or something creative like a snow-ball pie - you decide! Follow these instructions:
  1. Check with Mum or Dad you can do this.
  2. Get a digital camera - make sure you have permission.
  3. Create something using snow.
  4. Take a photo of it.
  5. Send that photo to: giving it a good subject line (that will become the title of the photo online).
  6. It will be instantly online!
Let's see how many cool photos and uses of snow we can come up with!
Good luck, stay warm and have fun.


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