Monday, 2 May 2011

Learning Conferences 2011

Learning Conferences start next week. We’ve decided to alter one of the dates for these important meetings with your child and class teacher due to various clashes and to ensure this reminder gives you enough time/flexibility to attend. The dates are:
  1. Wednesday 11th May - 2.15-7pm - school will close at 2pm the Wednesday 11th. 
  2. Monday 16th May - 3.15-5.30pm
If you cannot pick up your child at 2pm on Wednesday 11th May, they will be supervised in the library until 3.00pm. Please let us know (t: or t: 347-6851) if you are unable to collect your child.
If you do not have access to a computer please call Trish and she will make a booking over the phone. You need to have made your booking by 2pm Monday 9th May.

Please bring your child’s portfolio back at school for this meeting. If you have not yet completed the 3 Wishes survey, we'd appreciate you doing this prior. Unless indicated by your child’s class teacher (or if you want to have a private discussion without your child), please ensure he or she attends the conference.

Instructions for Booking:
Please book in using our online system following these instructions:
  1. Go to and click the link. If you don’t have internet access, call Trish 347 6851 and she can book you in.
  2. Enter the school code: 2XFVR.
  3. The system will email you to remind you the time/day of your conference.
  4. We’d love to see every family at this important celebration of learning and we encourage you to bring a picnic for dinner - the staffroom and library are open for this.
See you there,
Rob and the team

Notes about portfolios:
Your child should now have their portfolio of learning. This is an important part of our reporting process and is a key tool for helping your child(ren) gain feedback. This is a time for you to celebrate what your child can do, and look forward to their next steps in their learning. Some questions you could ask your child could be:
What did you learn when you did that? How do you know? 
Can you show me how you know this?
What is the next thing for you to learn?

Our eportfolios are now set up so that when a child or teacher posts to the Ako Blog, it will email the parents/caregivers. We hope this helps you. It is great to see the children excited to be sharing their learning in this way. We will have a solution for printing the Ako Blogs out, if you would like this please send Rob an email and he'll send you the information.


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