Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Incredible Years - parenting course

Today we received this pamplet and referral form for a programme called The Incredible Years. This programme is a parenting course which I think would be really interesting and useful for any parent.

Incredible Years is a 12-16 week parenting programme for parents of children aged 3-8 years. It involves weekly sessions of around two hours. Over the weeks, parents develop strategies to build positive relationships with their children and to manage problem behaviours. They come to group sessions each week, talk through what has, or hasn’t worked, set goals for what they want to happen and ways to achieve those goals during the following week.

Topics covered include:
  • how to play/spend special time together
  • praising and rewarding children
  • communicating positively
  • setting limits
  • dealing with disobedience, selectively using distractions, ignoring, time out and other penalties
  • helping children to problem-solve.
For more information check this link on the MInistry of Education web site...

This programme is a research-based and proven as effective in helping reduce children's aggression and behavior problems and increasing social competence at home and at school. Here is the main Incredible Years web site... which also has this area with links and articles just for parents.



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