Monday, 9 November 2009

What makes great leadership

Today I was approached by the Selwyn Council to give them a decision of who is to receive the cup for outstanding leadership at Burnham School. This led me to wonder what the children think. I spent some time in Room 6 talking about leadership with our Year 7 and 8 students and they had some great ideas.

Please write your ideas about what makes great leadership as comments to this blog post.


Room 6 said...

Room 6 believe that great leadership qualities include:
Self responsibility
Role Model
Someone supports
Using Initiative
Showing pride
Manage a group
Being prepared
Maturity to handle situations

Burnham School said...

Room 6 said...
Thinking about others before yourself - Sena
Considerate of others - Tori
Someone who can motivate a group - Adam
Someone who perseveres and shows confidence and is trust worthy-Coby
Someone who inspires another - Jacqui
Someone who does the right thing - Brittanie

Room 7 said...

someone who takes pride and shows all the signs of taking the lead but also they are willing to give others a chance-Hannah

room 7 said...

people who do not get told off

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