Monday, 9 November 2009

What is feedback and how does it help learning?

Did you know that great feedback is one of the things that can really make a difference to student learning? Auckland University researchers have found that quality feedback is one of the factors that can potentially have the largest impact on student learning. They believe that ‘feedback' includes telling students:
  1. what they have done well (positive reinforcement), and 
  2. what they need to do to improve (corrective work, targets etc), 
  3. but it also includes clarifying goals.

When you get quality feedback you can make improvements. Teachers give feedback all the time as part of their job. One good example of teachers giving our students feedback is when they give class certificates out at each assembly (photo to the right of this week's recipients). Students can also give feedback to others to improve their learning. 

Did you know that by merely using the word 'because' you can make the feedback more effective? For example: Your writing is much better than before because...

How can you give someone feedback that will help their learning?
What is feedback? How does it help learning?
Write your thoughts as comments to this blog post. Discuss them with your class and come up with some ideas for how your class can use feedback to improve learning. The seniors are going to get some practise at giving feedback by helping with the decision for who may get the leadership cup at the end of the year.


Anonymous said...

It is telling someone how well they are doing. Aiden Ch
Like a recount of someones work. Coby
It gives you info on how you are doing. Abigail
It encourages you and tells you what to do next. Rebecca
We call it Next Step Learning. Ms Keenan

Examples -

Room 7 said...

After getting tips from a teacher it helps students to work on independent learning - Hannah

Feedback is someone saying positive things back - Nicole

Hugh said...

feedback is when you tell someone how they have done in their work.

room7 said...

Feed back is teling someone how there doing or gives them advise of how to do something better. Heavenly

room 7 said...

say if someone was was reading a story and they wanted to know what the people thought of it they with tell them


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