Friday, 16 October 2009

Reflections on our first week

During my first couple of days I have managed to spend time in every classroom. Children are focussed and engaged in their learning and happy to be back at school. My focus at this stage is to get to know all children and to gain a sense of the 'voice' of our school. This involves starting to learn the names of the children and spending time with them while they are learning. 

I would like to acknowledge the amazing staff we have at Burnham School for the vibrant learning environments they have created with their children. You have got to get into these classrooms - they are very exciting to a be part of! Please come up to me if you see me in classrooms, or around the school, I want to get to know you and your whanau. It is our partnership that will drive learning for your child(ren).

During our first assembly I shared some insights into me as a person and into how these relate to learning. The staff reminded children that now is the time for everyone to be wearing summer uniform, sunhats and appropriate footwear for sport activities. Please see Trish in the office if you are awaiting an order for a sunhat or require a replacement for the one the dog ate!

Another aspect of myself that I shared at assembly is that I would like children and parents to address me as either 'Matua Rob', 'Rob', or 'Mr. Clarke'. I believe an informal, respectful relationship will enhance the learning of your child. I explained that for children, this decision should be based on what their family is comfortable with. There is no expectation that classroom teachers should follow this, however it is important that both children and adults are addressed using the name that belongs to them. I do expect all children to communicate with respect and courtesy to each other and adults. I hope this clarifies my thinking.

Burnham School is such an exciting place to be - it's simply amazing! This is an action-packed term with a whole range of exciting events which will excite and enthuse the children and the community. We are now on the countdown to our reunion weekend celebrations for Labour Weekend. Click here to view the programme for the weekend...

I have loved my first week at Burnham School. It's fantastic to be here with the children and staff and starting to meet you all. Thank you for your friendly welcome.

ka kite ano,


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