Thursday, 29 October 2009

Let's celebrate our amazing teachers

This Friday 30th October is a very special day. It is World Teachers Day! On this day, all students, support staff, families and communities are encouraged to celebrate the vital and important role that teachers play in society.

It is timely to reflect on the power of a great teacher and what they contribute to both your child(ren) but also to society in general. Teachers contribute in powerful ways to the development of children and help shape them, along with the family, to become the people and citizens of tomorrow. The influence and importance of our teachers cannot be understated, it is teachers who make the difference in schools.

Of course the job of a teacher is easier with support from home, when home and school are working in partnership to enhance the learning of our children.

Please do something to acknowledge your teachers - this could be a small gift or comment or something more significant. If you have a positive comment to make about your teacher you may want to share it as a comment to this blog post.

For more information about World Teachers Day visit this web page...


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