Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Election links for education

This is a re-mixed post from a NZ Principals' Federation email received recently. It has ideas and thoughts about the upcoming election for your interest:
The past three years have been trying for education as we have watched much of what so dear to us come under fire. Our NZC is seen as the jewel in our education system’s crown and we are just beginning to see the benefits of all the hard work schools and communities have put into developing a world class curriculum. 
Our system is excellent and up with the very best in the world. We sit alongside Singapore, Finland and Shanghai, all countries which invest significantly more in education than our own government does.  Everything about the new curriculum is about ensuring every single child, regardless of their abilities or capabilities will have an education best suited to their needs. The curriculum is premised on the belief that every child is unique, learning does not progress in a straight line and every child will learn in their own way and at their own pace. Of course we assess and monitor progress along the way and of course children’s progress is reported to you as parents regularly. 
The logical next step to complement our excellent NZC is better and more effective ways to bring more children into our achievement statistics.  It deeply concerns NZPF that NZ has too many of some groups of children not achieving well and we want to improve teaching methods for any children who find learning a challenge. Rather than funding professional development for excellent strategies like Ka Hikitia and Te Kotahitanga for primary schools which could make a significant difference for achievement this government has spent millions on the policy of National Standards.  
As we proceed into the election campaign, we see the National Party’s position.  As all other political parties launch their education policies we are seeing the views of the real public of New Zealand coming through. 
This link http://www.interest.co.nz/news/54199/election-2011-party-policies-education gives a brief summary of education policies of all the parties currently in government, you can also access full education policies through the party website links. I suggest you check it out! 
Party website links to education policies: 


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