Thursday, 29 September 2011

ERO Success for Burnham School

Recently the ERO team were at Burnham School.  Our school has had a positive report and the ERO team were impressed with the quality of learning our children are getting at Burnham School.  The Board, Staff and ERO team agree that the next step for the school is to report against the National Standards.  The staff are well on the way to meeting this target for next year.  The full report is available on the ERO website or you can download it by clicking here...
The Board of Trustees would like to thank the Principal and Staff for all the hard work they put in preparing for this review and for the great teaching and learning programmes that the children at Burnham School receive.  The Board would also like to thank the parents and students who participated in the review so that the ERO team got a full understanding of our school.
Here are some quotes from ERO:

"Teachers are focused on improving learning and teaching."

"Positive relationships and high expectations support students’ progress and achievement."

"Students are able to discuss their own learning and their next steps."

"...innovative approaches to integrate ICT..."

"Through blogs and e-portfolios, students are taking greater responsibility for their learning..."

"The board, principal and staff have strengthened the position of the school to continually improve its performance."


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