Tuesday, 1 March 2011

What an amazing school we have

There is something incredibly soothing about listening to the sound of children laughing and having fun after last week. I believe coming back to school is such a healing thing for our children and the stunning team we have in our school. If at any time any parent/caregiver or family member wants to come and join us, you are all most welcome.

We are really lucky to have our entire team at school this week. Our staff did a brilliant job of ensuring that the re-opening was calm, smooth and 'heading towards normality' - especially for new children and whanau. Our focus is in providing a caring, nurturing and calm environment where every child can learn to deal with the challenges we are facing in their own way. This means that class programmes will accommodate the needs of the children in a variety of ways. More on this later...

I'm keen to explore ways we can look after each other as a community, including new whanau and children to our school, but also the adults in our community. This is a time to really look after one another.

We've are welcoming a large number of new enrollments every day so this is an extremely busy time as we work to ensure children and new families transition as smoothly as possible, regardless of whether they are short or long term in our school. We have additional staff and volunteers to allow us flexibility in meeting the kids' needs at this time and appreciate the many offers of support. My thanks go to Louise and Tracy from BOOST, as well as many others who have helped in a range of ways - providing lunches, bags, lunch boxes, fruit, baking and moral support to make new people feel welcome and supported.

Thanks Room 6 for organising this!!
The work that the NZDF are doing is simply incredible in Christchurch and I want to take this chance to thank them for the amazing support they are providing the region.

Our kids and teachers make a difference - check out these links showing how classes are already working at making a difference to people affected - WOW!!! Please support our mufti day and bake sale tomorrow if you can.





That's about it for now, I will keep you posted during the week.


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