Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Pet Day Final Notice

Burnham School Pet Day Information - Pet Day is on Friday 15th October!

3 Sleeps to Go!


Pets need to be brought to school at 1pm. All pets need to be on a leash or in a cage. If you can’t hold your pet please bring your Mum or Dad. If you know your pet won’t cope with Pet Day children may bring along a photo of their pet. All animals must have water. Children must bring a plastic bag to take home any ‘deposits’ their animal may leave (poo).

Dogs are able to enter a Dog agility and/or Dog Obedience competition.
Please see the map on the back of this page, so you know where your family pet needs to go. Please also see the Pet Day Safety Rules written by the Room 3 children. If it is raining a decision will be made by 11am to cancel the Pet part of Pet Day. The Displays and competitions will go ahead regardless of the weather.


Displays and Competitions - entries must arrive at school before 9am. All entries will be judged in the morning.

All children are asked to enter at least one of the following competitions/displays. However children may enter in all events.

Sand Saucer Competition - on display in Room 9

Children are to decorate a saucer using flowers – Tip: keep the sand damp to ensure the flowers stay in the creation!

For ideas go to …

Cup Cake Competition - on display in Room 8

Bake and decorate 3 cupcakes.
Check this site if you need a recipe.

Check this site out for ideas for decorating cupcakes.

Lego or Similar Construction - on display in Room 3

Bring along a named construction.

Vegetable Sculpture - on display in the library

Let your imagination go wild! Create something using fruit and vegetables. Hint - Toothpicks are excellent for holding things together. Check this site out for vegetable sculptures.

Pet Day Safety

Written by Room 3

All cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats and birds need to be in a cage.
All dogs need to be on a lead. If you can’t control your dog, your mum or dad will need to stay with your dog.
You must take all you animals poo (bowel motions) home - bring a plastic bag.
Parents must deliver the pets to school at 1pm. No pets to come to school before 1pm.
All pets must have water at all times.
When you tie your dog up you must make sure your dog can’t reach another dog.
Always ask the owner of the pet if you can pat it.
Never walk up to the back of a horse. Always go to the front of the horse.
Remember some animals may bite or kick! Take care!

Pet Day Plan

1pm Pets Arrive
1-1.30pm Judges visit Pets – Children must stay with their pet until the judge has talked to them. The judge will be asked questions about their pet and how they care for their pet – all children will get a certificate.

1.35pm Dog Agility

2pm Dog Obedience

2.30pm Grand Parade – all pets and owners to take part.

Parents may take their children home after the Grand Parade – please let your child’s teacher know if you leave before 3pm. Remember to take your family pet home too!


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