Monday, 13 September 2010

Plunket Information for Children Under 5

A message from Rica Larkin - Rolleston Plunket Nurse
Plunket services for those families in Burnham with children under 5 yrs.
Currently we are running 4 hubs (or 4 Plunket clinics) which the closest is the Rolleston Plunket rooms 1 John S.t, 3478028. Open 10am - 3pm Mon to Fri.

The other 3 clinics are situated in Christchurch 166 North Parade, Shirley, 5 Twigger St, Addington, and one in Kaipoi. Rolleston Plunket will have 3 Plunket Nurses, myself, Gail Sefton, Chris Steele and a Community Health worker, Debbie Clark.

The purpose of these hubs is to offer support for families who may need it with young children primarily under 12 months of age or families who have any issues or concerns with their children.
Currently Plunket staff are not home visiting until further notice. We do urge parents to seek their G.P re any medical or health concerns.

Also Plunketline is available on 0800 933 922 a 24 hr service 7 days a week.


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