Thursday, 27 May 2010


"Is leadership something you have or something you gain from experience?"

Recently I had a most interesting conversation with a parent who asked me whether our intention for the Student Leadership Council was to develop leadership or to reward it. My response is that we want to do both. Developing leadership in our tamariki is a theme that is coming through strongly in our curriculum consultation.

Our Student Leadership Council have now met a number of times and are learning how to run a meeting and how to effectively manage their responsibilities in the school. Our intention is to involve students from all levels of the school in this leadership responsibility, which we plan to develop in order to represent student views from every class. 

There are many opportunities in classrooms in which students are given opportunities to lead - which start with developing self-management skills and lead into organising others and eventually leading others. 
In which ways do you think the family or sporting/cultural experiences help develop leadership skills in our young people? 
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