Thursday, 29 April 2010

BOT - Candidate Statements 2010

Burnham School Home - School Trustees Association

Ange Colenso:

Hi, my name is Ange Colenso and I have had a very close affiliation with Burnham School since my eldest daughter started in 1996.  Since that time, all 5 of my children have attended Burnham School and my youngest Sophie, is currently in year 5.  Te Kura o Tiori has given a fantastic foundation to my children, who have since gone on to High School, NZ Institute of Sport and the work force.

I am serving on the current BOT, and have held the Property Portfolio for the past 10 months.  18 months prior to that, I served as the Minutes Secretary. Initially my role was challenging, I am now confident in my understanding and am excited to continue to be part of the team to implement our strategic plan for 2010 – 11. I was also a member of the committee responsible for the planning and organisation of Burnham Schools very successful 125th Reunion.

Burnham School is unique and has a very special character. I am passionate about being part of a team who will continue to grow our school.  Being a voice for our students, families, wider community and staff is important to me.  I consider myself to be a forward thinker and life long learner who is keen to give back, and be a part of a team who will move our school forward

Thank you, and best wishes to all nominees who have offered their time and commitment to Burnham School. 

“In unity we have strength in our school”            Ma te kotangitanga e whai ai tatou I to kura

Andrew Fleck:

I was originally reluctant to make a statement because I am a firm believer in the saying “Actions speak louder than words”.  So to that end, I will keep my statement short.  I believe that the needs of the children should always be put first regardless of how difficult the task seems.  I also believe in an honest and direct approach rather than trying to be politically correct all the time.

If I am elected to the Board, I will try my hardest to live to the principles of honesty, integrity and always putting the needs of our children first. 

Jackie Freeman:

I am married to Steve with three daughters – Laura who is currently a Year 3 at Burnham School and Jackie and Emily who will start Burnham in 2012.  I am a teacher and have been teaching for 16 years  in schools in both Dunedin and Christchurch.  In my teaching career I have worked as a classroom teacher, an ORRS teacher for children with disabilities and am currently working with students with severe behaviour issues.   I have been involved in Netball, Tennis, Fertility NZ and a variety of other committees in the Selwyn area.  Currently I am the consumer representative on the Ethics Committee for Assistive Reproductive Therapy for the Ministry of Health.

Burnham School has impressed me with the friendliness of its students and its community atmosphere.  I believe that parent support is an important part of the school community and becoming a member of the Board is one way that I can contribute to the wider school community.    I have had previous experience on a Board so bring prior knowledge as to how a Board works and its role within the school.  I look forward to being a part of the Burnham School Board of Trustees

Annette Paulsen-Stent:

My name is Annette Paulsen-Stent and I wish to run for the Burnham Board of Trustees 2010 elections.

I’m a busy mother of 4 active children 19, 16, 13 and 9 years.  I have been married to Garry for 21 years.  Garry completed 20 years of service in 2005 and since then has been farming.  I work part-time at Ag Research in Lincoln.

I’ve served on two Boards of Trustees.  Burnham School 2003-2005 and on St Thomas of Canterbury 2007-2009.  On both of these boards I’ve held the Health and Safety portfolio.  With St Thomas’s I was also on the Board sub-committee’s for marketing, property and staffing.

We were posted to Burnham in 1995 and in the 10 years we live in the community I was on a number of committee’s.  I served on the Plunket, Playgroup, Kindy and Day Care committee’s as well as the Burnham School P.T.A.

Burnham School has a lot to offer our children and has changed a lot since our boys were at the school with a new playground, computers in the classrooms and so much more.  Our children are what make our school with their acceptance of change due to their environment and deployments as well as friendliness second to none.  I hope that if I’m elected onto the Board, that we as a Board work hand in hand with the staff, parents and most important our children to make Burnham School everything it can be.

Pauline (Paddy) Whare:

Hi Parents,

A bit about me, I am Pauline Whare or better known as Paddy. I have 2 great children at Burnham school, Jade who is 9 and Te Ao who is 5. I left the Army from Hobsonville Airforce Base in 1998 and returned to NZDF in 2006 as a civilian employee and I currently work at 3 Wksp Company in the Autoparts Store. I am also a Territorial soldier (part time) for the Army as well.

My main interest is softball and reading. When I was approached about the BOT I thought about what I could bring to the team, like every parent I would like the best for children at Burnham school and I would like to be on a team that can achieve this for our children. I have never previously been on a BOT for any school but I guess there is a first time for everything. I don't intend to come to the board thinking I know everything and have the answers as I don't but I do intend to sit and listen to the other members to their thoughts and ideas as well as my own. From the list I have seen of nominated parents, their certainly is some great candidates for the Board and I wish them all the best too.

Leon Whitelaw:

Hi my name is Leon Whitelaw, and I would like to become a member of The Board of Trustees for Burnham school. 

I have two kids in room 5 at Burnham School, Jessica and Kaleb.  My wife Penny has been involved with the school, and has recently joined the PTA.  We moved to Burnham in December 2006, and thoroughly enjoy life here. I am currently involved in coaching an under 8.5 rugby team and I coach tee ball in the summer months.

I am into my 22nd year with the NZDF. During my time in the army, I have been a member of various teams which have been responsible for the forward planning and implementation of new plans and processes.  It was through this process I learnt the reason why we need to always review current processes, and implement improvements as required.  This also taught me the need to set goals, both long and short term to prevent complacency, and to always challenge myself.

I have been impressed with the Burnham School’s forward planning, implementation of valuable teaching programs and upgrade of its facilities.  The team work displayed between the Board of Trustees and School Management/Staff has been a big driving factor in achieving these goals.

If I am elected to the Board of Trustees, I believe I have the skills and experience to help the school continue to move forward. The school has clear goals set for future improvements, which I would like to help them achieve.  I also see a challenge in continually evolving these goals, as the end result will benefit our children, providing a valuable learning environment, which will help to prepare our kids for the future.

I feel I am an honest, reliable and approachable person, who would make a positive impact to the board and the school alike.



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