Monday, 7 December 2009

Assembly Evaluation PMI

Below are our thoughts about what is good and what could be improved about our school assemblies. We will be giving children more and more say in how the school functions and this is one example of this. The thinking behind this is that the more say the students hav - the more ownership they will have of their learning.

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New Ideas/Solutions




House Points

Principal Award

Boot Award



Mr Clarke's guitar

Sitting down too long

Too much talking


Telling off

Junior Hui

Certificates on birthday

Exercise in the middle of assembly

Assembly everyday (short)


When everyone gets certificates
learning new songs

Coming into the hall with to much noise
All the class have to be in the same spot
when all the classes are talking
when we have to wait for all the other classes cause it makes the assembly to long
being told off for talking

Fake birthday cake and some candles
When we sing songs someone to play the guitar
When you get certificates you get a toy
Everyone should have a idea to share with assembly like an item or something.




Prayer (karakia)

Ball Skills

National Anthem

The Boot

Mr Clarke talking

House certificates

Getting out of the hall

When we have to stay there forever

When Mr Clarke has to growl

Too noisy

Same songs

A golden boot

We could sit nicely, be quiet


Better songs - ABBA



Certificates -standing on the stage


Principals award

National anthem/karakia


House points- Certificates

End of term prizes

Sitting up nicely

Mr Clarke talking-his photo

Teachers sharing notices

Having senior leaders

Ball skills


Ball skills

House points-talking-been around to long.

Singing too long

People being told off

Everyone talking while waiting to begin and talking again at the end.

Seniors running it its not fair on the other classes

Sitting to long

Waiting for people to be quiet

Mr Clarke - talk about whats happening in the school-events

New songs-fun songs

Ball skills every second Monday

House points-power points slide, already added, Mr Clarke announces winner, does certificates

A different class runs it each week and have a class item to share
Song to come to into sing while waiting also a song to go out with but change it weekly.
Comfy seats.



House points






National anthem/karakia

When classes show art

Students running

When we're 1st to leave

Principals award

Honors award

Too long

People talking/Playing

Staying in to practice

People always in trouble

Lots of waiting

Sore bottom

Repeating songs

Having to wear shoes

Making up silly words in songs

People turning around

People humming instead of singing

People try to talk to others

People make fun of songs

Each class has a principals award

Sit on seats if good

Pencils with principals award

Best class gets seats next assembly

Assembly outside

Classes lead assembly


Notebook gets pencils

Big prize for one person in the notebook

All do stereo yr 4+

classes sit boy/girl

Different songs

Fun songs like sing star songs 90s 60s


All to take part

Classes take turns to choose songs


Year 8's hand out awards

Classes watch out for good people


Awards- The Boot, Certificates, Notebook

Prizes- Rugby Tickets, End of term notebook prizes

Singing together

Year 8 seats at back


Being at end of a day

Audience behaviour- Clapping

Mucking about

Talking while items are happening

Leader doing everything

It's repetitive

Waiting for people to stop

Mucking around- having to set the example

Song variety- Type, Repeating

Too long

Leaders not being clear

It gets hot

More songs to choose from

Teaching how to sing songs

1 senior + 1 junior song

Class items/sharing/plays/student notices

Better behaviour entering

Exciting (no pushing)

Shorter time

School soap opera/running/news desk

Teachers/counting down to leaders to get attention

Everyone sits on seats
Different order for certificates

Class choose song to teach

Talkers have consequences


Don't have to do any work
The boot
The notebook-winning prizes
House points
Some classes share their work
Learning new songs
Everyone gets together
Kapahaka  performances at the assembly
I like the tingling feeling I get inside when I get a certificate.
Sharing of manual projects
Principal's award
Mr Clarke's motivational speeches
The principal's blog

We are constantly repeating the same songs over again.
Sitting down and having to listen.
My bottom gets sore at assembly
I hate having to wait for people to stop talking between assembly.
My legs hurt after having to set so long.
Sometimes the assembly is too long
Always on a Monday-Why?
Everything is the same nothing changes.
Things are said that don't need to be said e.g we know we have to wear hats.
You get pins and needles.
Its not exciting it is boring.
It takes the kids to long to find the song.
We never move other than stand up or when we sit down.
All the juniors get to go first
The teachers get to talk but we don't.

Year 5 and 6 should be able to help out with the assembly to.
We should have actions to our song so we can get up and dance
We should have it on different days
Have more kids providing entertainment each week a different class should organise the assembly.
Mini snacks like popcorn
All the boys sit on one side and all girls on the other
Could we have an isle so it would make it easier to go and get certificates
We could sit with juniors and do activities together
Have seats to sit on
Jump jam in assembly
5 minute talking time in assembly
Fun facts could be shared
Birthday certification and sing happy birthday also have birthday badges.


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